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Announcing 7 Clerkships on Firecracker

We're offering Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Ob/Gyn, and Surgery as stand alone products, $30 per month. Until February 28th, we're having a $180/year sale on full Firecracker MD or DO - everything for Step 1, Step 2, and Clerkships..

Firecracker MD: $180 for 1 Year

Unleash Your Curriculum

Whether you have content or need it, Firecracker can assess your students, identify those who are at risk, and immediately remediate their weaknesses.

Firecracker Medical V2

Integrate your courses, benchmark your students, and remediate their weaknesses.

Firecracker Open Platform

Upload your questions, analyze their quality, and assess your students.... for free.

Weekly Formative Assessments, A Case Study

See how Firecracker partnered with Florida State University College of Medicine to improve performance and predict exam scores of 119 students in their Neuroscience: CNS & Behavior course.

Firecracker for med students.

You be the student. Firecracker will be the tutor. Together, we'll make you a doctor.


Firecracker DO

Combined osteopathic coursework, clerkship, & board prep companion.

  • All of the Firecracker MD features
  • Additional important OMM content
  • COMLEX Level 1, Step 1 & 2CK
  • USMLE practice exams

Firecracker MD

Combined allopathic coursework, clerkship, & board prep companion.

  • M1 & M2 classroom companion
  • M3 & M4 clerkship companion
  • Step1 and Step 2 longterm test prep
  • USMLE practice exams

Firecracker for Premed

  • Thousands of flashcards and MCQs
  • Hundreds of high-yield topic summaries
  • 1,000+ MCAT practice questions
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

Firecracker for Schools

  • Unlimited Firecracker student access
  • Assessment services
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Comparative benchmarking data

Firecrackers simply score higher.

Firecracrackers score a 245 on average in the USMLE Step 1

More than just software.

Firecracker's team of top med students, residents, and attendings are on call whenever and wherever you need a bit of help.

On Call Content T.A.s

Firecracker's editorial team of more than 60 authors and editors do more than just create content. They are also on call to help answer and clarify any questions you may have on any of the concepts covered in the platform.

Live Study Plan Help

Firecracker's team of Student Success Specialists are trained to guide you through creating your own personal study plan, whether you're just focused on your current coursework or are entering dedicated board prep time.

On Campus Study Jams

Each month, Firecracker holds on campus Study Jams designed to get students studying together. Each Study Jam includes food, drinks, and a study activity requested by you and created by Firecracker's editorial team.