Study for class and prep for the USMLE simultaneously.


You need to learn and retain massive amounts of information, not only for classes and finals, but also for the USMLEs that may be years down the road. Even if you're an excellent student, you tend to rapidly forget what you are learning.


You know that the most efficient way to study is: repeatedly answering a variety of questions covering the material spaced out over time. But you face problems such as keeping track of what you know and what you don't, finding a good and varied source of reliable questions and knowing what to review if you get a question wrong.


Firecracker structures your review schedule based on your changing strengths and weaknesses. We have combined proven neuroscience, data-driven technology, and world-class content into a fun and motivating user experience to help you ace your classes and crush the USMLE.

Does it really work?

You bet ya! Here's the proof!

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What to expect

  • Thousands of summaries of high-yield topics you need to know for class and standardized exams
  • Thousands of flashcards and multiple-choice questions to help you memorize the key facts
  • Thousands of USMLE, COMLEX and Shelf/NBME-style questions to make sure you can apply what you to know to the same questions you will see on test day
  • High-yield Content edited by 50+ world-class attendings, residents, and medical students. We update and improve existing content on a daily basis based on new findings in science and clinical research.
  • 100,000,000+ data points on how hundreds-of-thousands of students like you learn most efficiently. We use this data to make sure we're always recommending you to do the right questions at the right time
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android apps so you can learn on the fly.

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Read about 100+ years of learning and memory science research which we use to help you study smarter:

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