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Think bigger than test prep.

Firecracker DO is the only product designed to simultaneously prepare you for both your courses and your USMLE and COMLEX board exams.

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Birds - meet stone.

Coursework Companion

We all know that the board exams are important, but they're only one of the many different things you'll be responsible for throughout med school. This is why Firecracker DO is built on top of a recommendation engine that is designed to prioritize current courses, while still ensuring that you keep past content fresh in your mind. After all, the single most important contributor to your med school students' success on the boards is doing well in classes.

Longterm Test Prep

The traditional cram-style method of test prep may have worked in college, but this is med school. A longterm approach to test prep is required if you're serious about becoming a doctor. Firecracker DO creates a study plan for you, covering everything you need to learn from day 1, all the way to your board exam. Along the way, you'll have everything you need for Step 1, Step 2, and COMLEX Level 1, including more than 35,000 flashcards, MCQs, and exam-style questions.

Complex science. Simple experience.

The right stuff.

More than 30,000 concepts to learn, review, and master, mapped directly to the recently updated USMLE syllabus and cited to other resources such as FirstAid.

At the right time.

Forget having to manage your own studying. Firecracker's spaced repetition system knows exactly when and what to assign you each day.

In the right way.

Frequent and consistent review of learned concepts is necessary to commit those to longterm memory. Firecracker assigns these each day.

So how does it work?

One study plan, two goal board exam scores, and 4 years of class assignments. Here's how we handle it all in one experience.

Created specifically for you.

Firecracker creates you a unique study plan built around your goal board score, time until test, starting knowledge, and course schedule.

Cover only what you need to succeed.

Your Firecracker study plan makes sure you cover everything you need from now until exam day. The higher you want to score, the more it'll have you cover.

Master everything you've learned.

Firecracker's state-of-the-art recommendation engine assigns you a specific number of review questions each day, based on your greatest needs and weaknesses.

Prioritize your weaker areas.

After each review question you answer, you'll rate your confidence with the concepts covered. The less confident you are, the more often you'll see those concepts.

Prioritize your current courses.

Athough all of the concepts are important, Firecracker prioritizes those covered in your current courses. As you get closer to your board exam, the recommendation will shift to cover all learned content, prioritized by yield.

Study with purpose and efficiency.

Firecracker's algorithm is highly complex and far from arbitrary. Your daily tasks are selected based on your progress, performance, courses, confidence, and goal board score.

Never get off your path to success.

Firecracker recalibrates your study plan each day based on your performance and progress, ensuring that you stay on track toward you goal board score.