Study faster and smarter for wards.

We’ve adapted Firecracker’s board-prep study program to individual Clerkships. Now you can concentrate your study on a single program. Get started now with Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry. Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine ready to go by mid-January 2017.

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Practice (Exams) Make Perfect

For each Clerkship Firecracker has created practice NBME style shelf exams. These are timed exams with 100 questions each, similar to actual NBME Shelf exams. They can be taken early in your study to benchmark your progress or as a diagnostic closer to your exam date. Each one ends with a detailed breakdown of your performance, helping you focus your studies where you need it most.

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3 Months


9 Months


1 Month

One Clerkship, One Month

If you want to use Firecracker to prepare for one Clerkship you can subscribe for just 1 month for $40. If you're looking to use Firecracker for multiple exams there are 3, 6, and 12 month plans you can purchase.