Introducing Firecracker Open Platform

Your content. Your questions. Your curriculum. Empowered by Firecracker's data and algorithm.

For more than 6 years, Firecracker has helped tens of thousands of medical school students succeed in their courses, clerkships, and on their licensing board exams. Through a combination of carefully curated content, proven memory science principles, and a state of the art adaptive algorithm, Firecracker students have consistently scored a standard deviation higher than their peers, ultimately being matched into more competitive residency programs where they continue to train to become the next generation of life-saving and life-improving physicians.

Earlier this year, we decided that the significant value the Firecracker platform provides students and educators shouldn't be limited to aspiring physicians. To that end, we've spent a good portion of the last year building the required infrastructure that would make it possible for us to effectively open up the Firecracker platform, allowing any faculty member at any institution – regardless of licensing profession – to upload their content and take full advantage of Firecracker's student experience, data-driven algorithm, and faculty assessment engine. Now, we're excited to announce that this is finally a reality with the launch of Firecracker Open Platform.

More than 30 different courses from dozens of schools and an entire Anesthesiology residency program have already been uploaded and fully integrated into the Firecracker Open Platform as part of our cloesd beta. All of this content, including lessons, review activities, and formative assessments, was provided either entirely by faculty members or co-authored with Firecracker's content team. Now, we are excited to open the doors to all educators and administrators who are interesting in using their preexisting content and the Firecracker platform in order to educate and assess their students. Partners can use Firecracker to analyze the quality of their learning material, assess and benchmark their students' knowledge, and provide an online adpative learning platform for ongoing and personalized remediation.

We would love to partner with you in order to improve your students' outcomes. If you're interested in learning more about the Firecracker Open Platform, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Sean Horgan
Firecracker COO