Med School Madness!

128 Schools. 4 brackets. 1 competition. 5 winners: Oakland University, University of Arizona, University of Illinois, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock, University of the Incarnate Word

Drew "Skip to my Lou" Bibby
David "Shy Guy" Guertin
Group 1 - Mighty Mouse Division Group 2 - Middleweight Division Group 3 - Heavyweight Division Group 4 - The Big Dogs Division Comeback Bracket

About the Competition

Each month, students answer millions of questions in Firecracker. But the world wants to know: Who can answer the most? Introducing Med School Madness, a tournament-style contest to see which school can answer the most flashcard questions in Firecracker over the next 10 weeks. Tournament play will start with a qualifying round of round-robin play. From this starting group, we'll narrow the field of competitors down to 128, split out into 4 different brackets based on school size. After 10 weeks, 4 schools will be crowned the winners, with each receiving $1000 for their selected charity and an on-campus party thrown by Firecracker. Stay tuned for continuing play-by-play coverage brought to you each week by our official on-the-scene correspondents, David "Shy Guy" Guertin and Drew "Skip to my Lou" Bibby.

Group 1 - Mighty Mouse Division

This is it – the qualifying round. Every school competing at once for the top 256 spots. Who will be the front runners? Who will advance to the next round? Who will fail to make it in at all. The game begins here, so let's find out. Get to those questions!

Group 2 - Middleweight Division

Group 3 - Heavyweight Division

Group 4 - The Big Dogs Division

Med Madness FAQ

What is Med Madness?

It’s a tournament style competition among medical schools, to see which schools can do the most flashcard questions. Every student from every participating school is passively participating - no personal information or performance is shared. Details on the Tournament: Qualifying round - The competition is broken up into 4 groups, based on school size and recall history. The qualifying round will take the top 32 teams from each group. Once the top 32 teams are gathered, the tournament will commence. Qualifying round is held August 15 - August 29. At the end of the qualifying round the top 32 schools from each group, a total of 128 schools, will advance to the Tournament. Eliminated schools have a chance to win a prize in the Comeback Tournament. The top 64 schools eliminated in the Qualifying round can compete for a chance to win a prize as well. Even schools who enter the competition late can win! Tournament - once the competing teams are selected from the pool, they will have randomized matchups within their group division. Matchups will last 1 week. The schools with more recalls than their opponent at the end of the week will win their respective matchup, and move on to the next round to their new matchup. There will be 1 winner for each group and another winner from the Comeback Bracket. We are monitoring behavior to make sure actual humans are answering questions, and we strongly recommend that you don't compromise your Firecracker study plan to win. Instead, the best way to seal victory is by doing your daily assignments, making sure your friends do theirs, and by getting more friends involved.

Why are there different groups, and how were groups decided?

Groups are primarily broken up by enrollment size (Academic year 2015-2016). Secondarily, historical flashcard data from the 2016-2017 academic year was used to even out each group size. Group 1 - Enrollment 1-399 students, Group 2 - Enrollment 400-599 students, Group 3 - Enrollment 600-799 students, Group 4 - Enrollment 800 + students, Groups were created to try to mitigate advantages to larger schools (at least by a little bit). If you think your school is in the wrong group, feel free to email Keep in mind that some schools are not broken up into the different campuses, so be sure to check the list above!

How do schools enter the contest if they are not on the list yet?

New schools must sign up by August 21st in order to participate If your school is not on the list, please just write into with your school name and school’s enrollment size (again, keep in mind that not all schools are separated by campus).

How do I check to see how my school is doing?

After the two-week qualifying round, matchups will begin. The recall counts will be updated at 9 am ET, 12 pm ET and 6 pm ET. Remember you don't need to have the most recalls out of all schools, just more than your opponent at the end of the matchup. The brackets will be updated on Mondays with the victors of each matchup.

What happens when you lose?

If you are eliminated during the Qualifying round, you may have a chance to win in the Comback Bracket. Of the schools eliminated in the Qualifying Round, 64 will be included in the Comeback Bracket for the 5th prize. The Comeback Bracket is not broken up by size, it just comes down to who can mount the scrappiest come-from-behind victory! When the actual tournaments start, teams who lose their week-long, one-on-one matchup, are eliminated.

What is the prize?

$1000 dollars to the charity of your school’s choice, and a pizza party!

How do I associate my Firecracker account with my school?

If your Firecracker account is not already associated with your school, then just reach out to and provide your school email address (usually a .edu) and anticipated year of graduation to confirm your medical student status. We'll get you linked up with your school and your participation will count towards the school's progress.