All of the features.

Firecracker High Yield contains all of the same functionality as Firecracker MD and DO. The same daily tasks. Same algorithm. Same notes and citations. Now, you get to decide on your own path through the content.

You decide on yield.

During onboarding, you decide if you want to focus on all of Firecracker's content, or only the highest yield content. If at any point you want to switch, Firecracker will adjust its recommendations accordingly.

Improved over time.

Our High Yield only content set has been created and curated by our editorial team of 60 med students, residents, and attendings. If you disagree with something, tell us. We will continue updating and curating.

High Yield

USMLE Step 1

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53.3% of all Firecracker topics.

60.3% of all Firecracker flashcards.

64.3% of all Firecracker test questions.

High Yield

COMLEX Level 1

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52.0% of all Firecracker topics.

58.8% of all Firecracker flashcards.

63.6% of all Firecracker test questions.

High Yield

USMLE Step 2

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50.6% of all Firecracker topics.

53.9% of all Firecracker flashcards.

64.0% of all Firecracker test questions.