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Firecracker Course Support Package Overview

The Course Support package was designed to be the only resource you need to ensure your students' success in class and on boards. We provide your students with a special version of the Firecracker study platform, customized specifically to your curriculum so students can follow along in-app lecture by lecture, week by week. In addition, you will also receive course-specific weekly formative quizzes and end of course exams to administer to your students. The number of courses, students, and exams in this package are entirely up to you.

Package Name Description
Course Connect Student or faculty-led mapping of Firecracker topics to course lectures
Curriculum Alignment Firecracker-led alignment and customization of our topic and assessment content to your school curriculum
Course Weekly Quizzes 20-question formative quiz based on course week learning objectives
Course Exams 100-question summative exam based on course learning objectives
Faculty QBank Access to Firecracker 3000+ USMLE & COMLEX-style clinical cases

Course Support Package Option Breakdown

  1. Course Connect

  2. This summer, Firecracker launched an innovative new program called Course Connect that allows students to align Firecracker’s topic material with course schedules. We were overwhelmed by the response, with more than 500 students from 160 medical schools contacting us to build customized topics trees mapped to their weekly lecture schedules. We offer this service free-of-charge to students and we are now allowing faculty members to participate.

    Here are the basic steps:

    1. Firecracker will provide you with a list of our topics which you can map to the appropriate lecture number and course week
    2. Firecracker will build a custom topic tree for your course based on your mapping
    3. Students from your school can access your course directly from Firecracker’s Study Something Specific section of our desktop and mobile apps.

    Please note: Firecracker does not accept lecture material or assignments from students.

    You can learn more and sign up at:

  3. Curriculum Alignment

  4. For schools that want a comprehensive alignment of their curriculum to Firecracker topics, led by Firecracker’s content team. We’ll review each course’s learning objectives, working closely with faculty to ensure the alignment meets their needs.

  5. Course Weekly Quizzes

  6. Based on a thorough review of your weekly learning objectives, Firecracker can provide students with 20 board-style questions, fielded every week on Firecracker’s platform.

  7. Course Exams

  8. For faculty that want to provide their students with board-style course exams or simply practice tests for their courses ahead of their own summative exam, Firecracker can review your course learning objectives and recommend a 100-question test.

  9. Faculty QBank

  10. Firecracker can provide faculty with access to 3000+ questions that are modeled to board standards with item characteristics collected by thousands of students across the country. These questions can be selected individually or in bulk and present using Firecracker’s web and mobile applications or loaded into legacy exam distribution tools like ExamSoft.