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Firecracker contains three core components that arm your faculty and students with all of the tools they need to succeed.

Firecracker Access & Analytics

The foundation of Firecracker’s platform is our Access & Analytics component. This provides your students with full access to our extensive review and assessment content and an algorithm that has recommended over 200M questions over the years. Faculty and staff receive a high-resolution dashboard that allows them to track student progress, identify at-risk students, and see how their students compare to their peers across the country. Access can be purchased for all or only some students depending on budget and goals.

Curriculum Alignment

While self-directed and motivated students can discover the relevant Firecracker content to study alongside their course material, many schools ask Firecracker to provide their students with a view of our content in the context of their curriculum. Alignment provides two main benefits: a clear list of topics (and associated questions) that are related to what students are being taught in lectures and student activity and performance data organized chronologically. Alignment also provides faculty with an objective analysis of their curriculum relative to the licensing board standards and competencies. Alignment allows faculty to focus on teaching only what they feel important in class but yet guide students self-study and board preparation efforts. Institutions can choose to align a single course or clerkship or their complete curriculum to Firecracker’s content.

Integrated Assessment

Firecracker’s platform provides a comprehensive collection of assessments items connected to the license requirements and to the foundational concepts that students must master. Every day, over 3,000 board-style questions and over 200,000 single-order concept questions are answered on Firecracker, allowing us to ensure item difficulty and discrimination are continuously validated against a national pool of students. Firecracker can assess student performance in a single course or clerkship through weekly formative quizzes or summative exams, perform single snapshot benchmarks of preclinical/basic science competencies, or field a series of comprehensive exams to better under student progress over time. Faculty can also leverage Firecracker’s extensive portfolio of questions to fill gaps in existing assessments.

Weekly Formative Assessments, A Case Study

See how Firecracker partnered with Florida State University College of Medicine to improve performance and predict exam scores of 119 students in their Neuroscience: CNS & Behavior course.

Customized or turnkey?

While schools can build customized solutions using different elements of our platform, we’ve assembled a list of common packages used by our partners.

Benchmark & Remediation

This package provides students with access to Firecracker, as well as a selection of board diagnostic exams. The result is accurate benchmarking to see how individual students are progressing relative to their peers, in addition to identification of at-risk students early enough to allow for intervention through highly focused remediation efforts.

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Assessment Support

This package provides Faculty with a collection of board diagnostic exams, as well as an in-depth report of student performance on each exam. The goal of this package is to provide frequent and consistent cadence of formative assessments, delivered to students early into their studies and continuing at specific intervals throughout the academic year.

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Course Support

This is our most powerful package, providing Faculty and students with a deeply curriculum-aligned version of Firecracker. Students will receive their learning material chronologically in the same order they will cover the material in class, will be presented with weekly formative quizes for each course, and will be assigned end of course summative exams.

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