Quickly diagnose your weaknesses.

90 days out from your board exam, you'll receive an in-app message inviting you to transition to Dedicated Test Prep Mode. Once in DTP Mode, the first thing you'll do is take a short diagnostic test which helps us create your Mastery Scorecard. Your Mastery Scorecard provides an accurate and real-time estimate of your knowledge across all subject areas in comparison to other students all over the country.

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Focus on a single subject each day.

During dedicated prep, you'll use your Mastery Scorecard to identify your weak areas and choose which subject to focus on each day. We'll create a task full of test-style clinical vignettes (with answer explanations) for you to work your way through. At the end, we'll update your Mastery Scorecard based on your performance and create a Refresh Task that helps you remediate your weak foundational areas.

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Get familiar with the test format.

During DTP Mode, the majority of your work will be focused on answering board-style clinical vignettes (CVs) since they will provide the greatest value during your last few weeks. Just as important, though, is getting comfortable with the exam-taking experience you'll see on test day. That's why all of the CVs and diagnostic exams in DTP Mode are presented in a nearly exact replica of the exam-taking experience you’ll encounter on the actual board exam.

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Best yet: It works.

For the 2016 boards, there was a stronger correlation between a single 40-question Firecracker diagnostic block than the four hour, CBSSA exams used by medical schools.

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