Firecracker Course Connect

Want your courses in Firecracker?

How cool would it be if you could see your course material in Firecracker, presented exactly in the order you'll cover it each week in your lectures? Well that’s why we’ve created Course Connect, our new initiative that allows students to more closely align their Firecracker experience with their school's courses. With Course Connect, you can sort Firecracker’s content and questions so that they mirror the order in which you'll be covering them week by week in your courses. The end result is a customized topic tree mapped to your weekly lecture schedule.

When you or another student in your class works with us to Connect a course, that course will appear in Firecracker for all students at your school. Best yet, you’ll be rewarded for your effort: 6 months of Firecracker for free for any student who maps an entire course.

If you'd like to connect one of your courses to Firecracker, just fill out the form on the right, and we'll help you get the process started right away. We will only map courses at least 5 weeks long, and we need them to be courses that have not started yet. We need to have spreadsheets done 3 weeks before the course begins in order to complete the process, so please fill out the start and end date form fields!

How do I connect my course?

Step 1:

We provide you with a spreadsheet with all of Firecracker topics already filled in. You scan the spreadsheet and enter the lecture numbers, course weeks, and exam numbers for each of the relevant topics.

Firecracker Screenshot

Step 2:

We take this information, sort the material chronologically for you, and build a custom Firecracker topic tree for your class that is to mapped to your lecture topics for the week..

Firecracker Screenshot

Step 3:

You can now access your course directly in Study Something Specific, making it easy to mark new topics each week as they appear in lecture, launch review sessions on one or all topics from the week’s lectures, and view weekly performance and coverage metrics.

Firecracker Screenshot