Firecracker Board Bundles

U-World, First Aid, Pathoma, and Sketchy – the traditional take on board exam prep. Now all together in a single equivalent package, and all for less than 25% of the price.

For USMLE Step 1 For COMLEX L1
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U-World Style Q-Bank

Both of Firecracker's new Board Bundles contain more than 1,000 validated and data-selected clinical vignettes, each with in-depth answer explanations and follow-up remediation tasks. When you're done with those, you can take any of the 4 included practice exam blocks to see exactly how prepared you are.

First Aid Topic Summaries

Whether you plan to use First Aid or are looking for a better replacement, Firecracker's new Board Bundles include hundreds of the same high yield topic summaries – plus thousands of full-color images, review flashcards, and First Aid citations – all presented in a far more effective mobile and web-based format.

Pathoma/Sketchy Companions

We're big fans of Pathoma and Sketchy, but if there's anything that could make them better, it would be a collection of topics, flashcards, and test questions to use alongside. Firecracker's Board Bundles do just that, letting you review related Firecracker material, organized similarly to each of these resources.

U-World Equivalent

Question Bank

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1,000 Board-Style Clinical Vignettes

4 Full-Length Step 1 Exam Blocks

4 Full-Length COMLEX L1 Exam Blocks

First Aid Equivalant

Topic Summaries

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650 High Yield Topic Summaries

9k Bros-Style Review Flashcards

50k First Aid Book Citations

Companion Content Module for


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500 Pathoma-Aligned Topic Summaries

13k Pathoma-Aligned Review Flashcards

1k Pathoma-Aligned Board Questions

Companion Content Module for

Sketchy Micro

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140 Sketchy-Aligned Topic Summaries

3k Sketchy-Aligned Review Flashcards

250 Sketchy-Aligned Board Questions

All UFAP + Sketchy Style Resources, only